We see ourselves as security AND brand ambassadors

We understand every communication and interaction matters, and that each individual person and event will be better off because of our pride in security and service.


What’s important to us:

  1. Your protection and safety

  2. Your reputation . . . and ours

  3. Adherence to legal requirements

  4. The success of the event/task we are assigned to


We take pride in:

  1. Providing a comprehensive service – including briefings and site visits with other service providers (e.g. Police, Council, Venue Management) to identify and access security/safety concerns, ensuring risks/concerns you didn’t even think of, and which could have had an adverse effect on the event/task are covered.

  2. Our personnel’s communication skills – they are savvy, have the “gift of the gab”, courteous, and are a pleasure to work with

  3. Presentation - our personnel are sophisticated - immaculately presented and dressed in black tailored suits, or as directed by our clients (e.g. our personnel can wear your logo)

  4. Pro-active – our personnel go out of their way to ensure the event/task is a great success

  5. Guest experience – we are not like most other companies that provide a “bum on a seat”, a tough intimidating presence, or a static aloof presence - we understand humans often want to have fun, so our personnel are sensitive to the treatment of guests whilst handling any untoward situation discreetly, swiftly and firmly

  6. Addressing risk – we are like an “all-inclusive insurance policy” – no hidden omissions – the kind you want in place should anything happen. We identify risks and fix them so that clients are not even aware of them.

  7. Women’s innate powers of intuition and conflict resolution

  8. Discretion . . . the ability to blend in


+61 (0) 407 930 132


“Just a quick note to say thank you for last night, the Christian Dior Backstage Launch event was seamless. True professionals.” 

—  Danielle McCarthy (NAC Media Group)

Master Licence Number: 407520227       ACN: 090 731 249