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Can women protect as well as men? Would a man be better to handle an aggressive man?

In fact there is evidence that sometimes female guards can create a safer environment to reduce potential problems – How? – less intimidating, psychological effect on men having a woman instruct them using their voice, like hearing instruction from their mother.

No, example Brazilian football stadium has recently famously decreases violence by replacing the security guards with mums.

Our experienced is women’s natural conflict resolution skills are more useful in tense and escalating situations, there are many examples you would of science where sometimes the men inadvertently or deliberately escalate a situation to close it down.

Also skilled women can be more effective than men example - one of our angels was in high demand at Martial Arts Tournaments as she was not only a black belt herself, her unassuming persona would allow her proximity to situations she could access that a big guy would not. Potential link to HOW WE SAVED THE DAY/How we went above and beyond section or we go above and beyond for you and your guest

Female guards are more likely to be approached by women who feel at risk and identify potential problems.

Generally speaking we all have cultural experiences where on balance we experience that women notice and attend to more details particularly social cues than many (not all men).

Training – our Angels are trained in Martial arts/self defence – an aggressor is not necessarily trained in those skills and able to overpower an Angel.

Our reputation 21 years in the industry attends to that over and over again.

Why are you a bit more expensive?

We go above and beyond /how we go the extra mile/How we’re different/ See

We value

  • Safety

  • Your guest or client experience

  • Your reputation as an professional/company/family

We are always watching out for your guest experience not just ‘security breaches’.

We provide a superior experience. We take personal responsibly for contributing discreetly to the success of you and your client’s event whenever the opportunity arises.

Our Clients value their reputation and brand and want to ensure all the services and experiences proactively enhance their event or their client experience.

Our clients expect a level of sophistication, interpersonal skills and invisible proactive problem solving that requires skill and training. Expecting expertise with immaculate presentation and exceptional interpersonal skills.

Therefore our service is not a commoditised bum on seat or a body at the door. Our clients understand that quality takes commitment and that (this type word?) female security guards is a niche boutique professional group in high demand.

We focus on prevention not a body or two on the ground in case something happens. Our process scoping is therefore more comprehensive (see our process of how we engage with you).

The value of security compared to the whole event.

Security is often a fraction of the whole event’s budget, yet a proactive skilled security team acts as an overall insurance policy of eyes, ears, arms on the ground throughout the event, discreetly identifying potential problems and solving them on your behalf.

How many Angels do I need?

We are not only a deterrent we are also a preventative. Most venues and houses have many ways mischief can enter and or occur, a thorough assessment at the site visit identifies these, discussed with the client and solutions agreed

Sometimes people request one guard only and our position is that is a risk as if there is a situation that needs attention who is looking after the rest of the event?

Also practically who backs up the guard? That would be the case for a male or female guard.


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