Many businesses will have a Covid plan - implementing these plans effectively with style is something CAS has perfected.


The added layer of complexity in managing an event or tour within the new Covid restricted world is made simple through our CAS Covid Safety measures which are now layered over every private and event security assignment we deliver. Allow our Angels to deliver and maintain Covid Safe Security plans to assist you in your planning and event delivery.


CAS has developed a new Covid Safe security system in order to deploy strategies to protect our staff, our clients and the wider community from the spread of COVID 19. These strategies are based on current advice from the Australian Government and the World Health Organisation (WHO).


We will work with you individually to assist and implement your event specific Covid Safe Plan inline with our Covid Safe security systems.


Examples of Covid Safe security systems:

Guest registration

Temperature checking

Sanitization of venue and guests

Social distancing compliance and crowd control

Elevated First Aid protocols and risk management


Covid Safe security compliance will continue to develop with new advice from the leading health organisations and CAS will monitor advice from the Australian Government, WHO and the Australia Security Industry Association and update our systems and implementation in adherence to these developments.

Download more information on Charlie's Angels Security Covid Plan HERE

“Just a quick note to say thank you for last night, the Christian Dior Backstage Launch event was seamless. True professionals.” 

—  Danielle McCarthy (NAC Media Group)
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